We are com­mit­ted to pre­serv­ing the nat­ur­al environment.

All vehi­cles are restrict­ed in their move­ments to defined tracks.

Vehi­cles that may be infest­ed with weed seeds will be checked. It is rec­om­mend­ed that vehi­cles that have trav­elled off-road or through grass­es should be washed in Alice Springs.

The most notice­able destruc­tion of native wildlife in Aus­tralia is caused by fer­al cats. As such, cats are not per­mit­ted entry here. When trapped they are removed.

Vis­i­tors are asked to respect the envi­ron­ment by:

  1. Remov­ing all rubbish.
  2. Only using the fire­wood provided.
  3. Trav­el­ling slow­ly to min­imise the impact on wildlife and min­imise dust, noise and light pollution.