Climbing Mt Zeil

Mt Zeil is the tallest moun­tain west of the Great Divid­ing Range and the high­est peak in the North­ern Ter­ri­to­ry. It sits at an ele­va­tion of 1,531m above sea lev­el, and about 900m above the sur­round­ing plain.

You can dri­ve to a Day Park­ing Area which is sit­u­at­ed about 1.5km walk to the north side of the moun­tain. This is a suit­able start­ing off point for climbers. Please note there are no marked trails up the mountain.

Mt Zeil is locat­ed in the West Mac­Don­nell Nation­al Park and all require­ments of the NT Nation­al Parks are to be fol­lowed if you choose to climb the moun­tain. NT Nation­al Parks can be con­tact­ed on: (08) 8951 8272

It is rec­om­mend­ed that only those who are well pre­pared and fit enough attempt the climb as it tra­vers­es over rugged ter­rain, harsh spinifex and steep inclines.

Even dur­ing win­ter thirst and dehy­dra­tion can be debil­i­tat­ing, so be prepared.